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Our Tomah cab MT14 prototype is now in its second season of operation on the rails. The cab is similar to design and construction to the MT19 Tomah cab. The car, of course, is longer than the MT19 and the front body panels are wider to accomodate the extra length. This leaves room for a sliding window in the forward panel that is identical to the one installed in the door. These pictures show our prototye which is now on the rails. 

Here is the MT14 we built for Jim Hughes of Atlanta. The car is powder coated in Atlanta & West Point colors with authentic decals.

Note the sliding rear window which greatly improves ventilation.
Prototype of our Woodings CBL car fitted with an MT14 Tomah cab
Here are some photos of our Tomah cab kit installed on a Woodings. The Woodings kit is identical to the MT14 kit with the exception of the addition of the engine cowl which uses MT19B side pieces and a wider cover which can be seen in the pictures below.