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Narrow Gauge Motorcar

If you've every ridden the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Rairoad, you no doubt noticed the very cute motor cars that follow each passenger train to prevent fires from sparks. These are Fairmont M15's. They are very similar to an M9 in that they have 14" wheels, The same wheel base, and use an RO-C engine. They similarity ends there as the frame and body are completely different. Fairmont produced these cars for narrow gauge railroads world wide. The car was designed to be produced in any gauge between 36" and standard. Very few survive in the U.S., but many are still active in our hobby in Australia, Thanks to a NARCOA member Pat Daniels, we were able to obtain one of these to use as patterns for our replica car.

We have manufactured several of the cars in various configurations. Illustrated on the left is a car built for Gary Greenwood. It is a replica of the original. The car on the right was built with 16" wheels and is 6" longer than the factory M15. It has a Briggs 16 hp Vanguard engine with a Fairmont MT19 transmission.

This car was completed in August, 2004 when it had a 400 mile "test run" on the White Pass & Yukon Railroad in Alaska. It is virtually a new car. It has Rychrome axles and a U.S. Tsubaki sprocket. The only parts that are not new are the transmission, wheel hubs and bearing blocks. The car is completely NARCOA ready and can be reproduced in your choice of powder coated colors for $9,000.

We will also be reproducing the car body as a kit, with or without a roof and windshield. The kit can be packaged for shipment world wide. We can, of course, supply the proper axles for narrow gauge. The kit can be configured in any gauge from 36" to standard.

Give us a call regarding pricing and options on the kit or completed car.

In this view, the car has just been rolled out after completion. Note the Briggs Vanguard engine installation and lift handles as listed in our catalogue. The car has a spark arrester, stainless steel fuel tank, tow bar and seat belts and is equipped with a full curtain set for cold weather.

This is the open version of the car that is quite common in Austalia. We obtained an original Autralian M15 from Mark "Stew" Swaby of Melborne Australia.

This car has a magneto equipped RO-C engine. Although this car is 36" gauge, it could easily be made as a 42" car for Australian use. It can be provided as a kit for easy shipment to OZ land.