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Tomah MT19

Safety Shirt

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First in our line of Fredericksburg Shops Wear, is this great safety green tee shirt.
These shirts are JERZEES brand, Heavyweight Blend 50% cotton, 50% Polyester shirts.
These shirts come with an embroidered patch sewn into the shirt, of the Careful Man Plate!
Show the world that you are that Careful Man! (Or Woman!)
Why wear that hot plastic vest, be comfortable, in a Great Jerzees Tee!

I have worn one of these for four years, running mostly two cycle cars, that spew oil as they go. I give them a shot of pretreat spray, and into the laundry. The original compared to a newer shirt, you can barely see a difference in color from fading.


These ANSI 1 shirts are available in:
P/N91419170 Medium
P/N 91419171 Large
P/N 91419172 Extra Large
P/N 91419173 2 Extra Large
P/N 91419174 3 Extra Large


 Seat Back with M19 Design
Custom Embroidered Seat Back with your 
choice of motorcar design - $85 per cushion.

MT19 Design

M19 Design
MT19 with our Tomah cab kit
Union Pacific MT14 Design

Woodings Design
Pumpkin Car
Pumkin Car Design

Beaver Car Design

M9 Design
Hand Car
Pump Car Design